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Our organization is simple and direct. We have no payroll expense and are operated strictly by the board members and community volunteers. 100% of donations, contributions, and grants go to work for the benefit of our outreach educational programs. Any family is welcome to participate in organizing events and learning opportunities in their respective communities as well as reaching across local communities. Our annual Shabbatons have attracted a number of families that have become an integral link in SimXa’s grass-roots outreach. Children’s programs, registration, and logistical support are just some of the functions that are handled by volunteer families. We always welcome your initiative to become part of the Simxa organization.

Rabbinical Advisory Board:

Rabbi Chaim Citron, Congr. Ahavas Yisrael
Rabbi Yakov Krause, Congr. Young Israel of Hancock Park
Rabbi Nachum Sauer, YOLA
Rabbi Elchonon Tauber, Congr. Bais Yehuda

Community Outreach:

Rabbi Shimon Grilius
Rabbi Feivel Smiles
Rabbi Mordechai Yaroslawitz

Founders and Directors:

Esther Davidoff
Moshe Davidoff
Eliza Ladyzhensky


Yuliya Litvak

Children’s Programming:

Tzipi Kin, Director

Bais Yakov Student Volunteers Program
Rabbi Yoel Burzstyn
Mrs Dena Wolmark
Baila Rena Trainer

Russian Community Liaison:

Alla Feldman, Sasha Faynerman

Community Volunteers:

Ross and Marina Begun
Felix and Natasha Medvedev
Menachem and Rina Vilner
Alexander Ganzburg