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Simxa Company Annual Shabbatons

Upcoming Events

Since our inception in 1997, Simxa Company have been organizing annual Seminars.  For the first three years these Seminars took the form of lectures conducted during weekdays at night.   These lectures took place in the local Synagogues as well as in the Jewish Federation building.  Occasionaly we would invite people to a Shabbat event which included a couple of lectures.  These events were limited in the number of people who could attend and in its’ effectiveness. 

In 2000, a proposal was made by Rabbi Shimon Grillius from Jerusalem, to conduct a getaway Seminar with participants actually spending time away from their homes for a few days.  Our first Shabbaton took place in Alisso Creek and was a resounding success with close to 80 people in attendance. 

Today our Shabbaton program has grown to exceed two hundred participants with a wide array of programming for adults and children - men and women.  We invite speakers from Israel as well as tapping into local community talent.  Such names as Shimon Grillius, Moshe Pantelyat, Ahser Kushnir, Eliahu Essas, Katia Kapelnikova hardly need an introduction as they represent some of the top talent in Israel and Russia.  Locally we have invited Reuven Wolf, Shalom Rodal, Mrs. Suri Kest, Mrs. Bella Gottesman, Asher Brander, Baruch Gradon and other speakers.

Simxa Shabbatons today represent an opportunity for Russian Jewish families and singles to come together and to experience  a weekend filled with Yidishkheit, introspection, personal warmth, as well as an opportunity to ask questions and to interact with each other away from the busy life.   Children are treated to an array of activities connected to our rich Jewish tradition.  Men and women are offered a range of engaging discussions on topics in spirituality, self-improvement, and family -  all in the light of our time-tested tradition and wisdom.


Get ready for our annual Thanksgiving Retreat 2017 at the Westin Hotel of Pasadena. Please click for registration.